Shell & Floral

Physical Shop Opening in Smithfield, VA

Summer 2023

Our boutique features colorful, creative, and unique upcycled fashion, accessories, gifts. Future plans include art events, lessons/workshops, and experience packages to encourage individuals, couples, friends, and families to get in touch with their artistic side.

When you come to Shell & Floral, whether it's to browse around, for a workshop, to buy a gift, or to try something new, I hope you feel inspired and at ease while exploring.

This business is proudly: woman-owned, parent-owned, BIPOC-owned, black-owned, Latina-owned, neurodivergent-owned, and openly invites love-filled people of all shapes, sizes, colors, interests, and identities to stop by.

You are welcome here!


Our brick-and-mortar location is currently under construction with plans to open our doors Summer 2023.  

We have so graciously been granted space at Alvin & Son's Barbershop and are thrilled to be associated with such a pillar of the Smithfield community.


616 W Main St, Smithfield, VA 23430

Tentative Hours


11AM - 6PM


11AM - 6PM


9AM - 3PM

SJR Legacy Designs

Samantha Harris

Artist & Shopkeeper

SJR Legacy Designs is the home-brand of Shell & Floral.  So when you see it, know that the product was made with love by me!

When I was a child, for a time, I lived with my mother, grandparents, and great grandmother. Back then, I had no idea how fortunate it was to live with four generations in the same home. Now that I am older, with children of my own, I appreciate that time more than I ever have.

My family is filled with creatives. My mother (Susan), grandmother (Jeanne), and great grandmother (Rose) were all artists in their own way. They, and many others in my family, have inspired and influenced me.

From my great grandmother, I learned the impact of creating things that outlive me by designing them well. I, and many members of my family, have pieces she created that we treasure. From my grandmother, I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature, they joy of gardening, and the value of creating sustainably. From my mother, I learned to appreciate aesthetic value, the importance of revision, but also the liberation of drawing freely, and how to foster the confidence to do-it-myself.

SJR Legacy Designs brings together the creativity and artistry of generations to create unique handmade gifts and unique designs from my heart.